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Mobridge Livestock Market is certified to handle                               
     & market NHTC registered livestock to European & overseas markets,        
     & all drug free & age & source verified livestock.                        
Upcoming Sale listings are after the market reports.                           
Report for Thursday, June 18, 2015                                             
Gettysburg5 Red 2yr Pairs$3,300.00                                             
Mobridge4 Blk Pairs$3,000.00                                                   
Tolstoy1 Blk 6yr Pair$2,550.00                                                 
Isabel1 Blk 2yr Pair$2,450.00                                                  
Mobridge1 Blk ST Pair$2,150.00                                                 
Gettysburg3 Red ST Pairs$2,100.00                                              
Baby Calves                                                                    
Java1 Char Bull270$1,000.00                                                    
Mobridge1 Blk Hfr275$800.00                                                    
McLaughlin1 Blk Hfr185$775.00                                                  
Carson1 Blk Hfr155$725.00                                                      
Whitehorse1 Red Bull145$700.00                                                 
Mobridge1 Blk Hfr125$625.00                                                    
Slaughter Cows & Heiferettes                                                   
Timber Lake2 Blk Hfrettes913$211.00                                            
Lowry3 Blk Hfrettes882$207.00                                                  
Camp Crook1 Blk Hfrette1010$195.00                                             
Camp Crook9 Blk Hfrettes1047$188.00                                            
Glenham1 Red Hfrette1050$187.50                                                
Onaka1 Blk Hfrette1030$185.00                                                  
Lowry1 Blk Hfrette1055$182.50                                                  
Isabel1 Red Cow1150$170.00                                                     
Onaka1 Blk Cow1015$165.00                                                      
Isabel1 Blk Cow1145$157.50                                                     
Camp Crook1 Blk Cow1110$155.00                                                 
Carson1 Blk Cow1160$155.00                                                     
Onaka1 Blk Cow1025$152.50                                                      
Glenham1 Blk Cow1160$152.50                                                    
Glenham1 Red Cow1310$130.00                                                    
Carson1 Blk Cow1320$130.00                                                     
Glenham1 Red Cow1345$130.00                                                    
Glenham1 Blk Cow1330$124.00                                                    
Isabel1 Blk Cow1340$122.00                                                     
Mobridge2 Blk Cows1240$119.00                                                  
Glenham1 Blk Cow1440$116.00                                                    
Timber Lake1 Bwf Cow1370$116.00                                                
Isabel1 Blk Cow1570$114.50                                                     
Mobridge4 Blk Cows1494$114.00                                                  
Timber Lake1 Red Cow1415$114.00                                                
Mobridge1 Blk Cow1470$113.00                                                   
Isabel1 Red Cow1405$113.00                                                     
Camp Crook2 Blk Cows1460$112.00                                                
Firesteel1 Red Cow1375$111.50                                                  
Timber Lake1 Blk Cow1425$111.50                                                
Isabel1 Blk Cow1450$110.50                                                     
Mobridge1 Blk Cow1355$110.00                                                   
Akaska1 Rwf Cow1445$109.00                                                     
Carson1 Red Cow1595$109.00                                                     
Timber Lake1 Red Cow1505$106.00                                                
Walker1 Blk Bull1025$165.00                                                    
Mobridge1 Red Bull1150$163.00                                                  
McIntosh1 Red Bull2440$148.00                                                  
Pollock1 Blk Bull1900$148.00                                                   
Bullhead1 Red Bull1775$147.50                                                  
McIntosh1 Red Bull1645$146.00                                                  
Bullhead1 Red Bull1745$145.50                                                  
Selby1 Bwf Bull1790$145.50                                                     
Shields1 Blk Bull1830$145.50                                                   
Timber Lake1 Blk Bull1985$141.50                                               
Timber Lake1 Red Bull1735$140.00                                               
Upcoming Sales:                                                                
Thursday June 25th, 2015  Weighups at 10 am, Baby Calves at Noon, with Feeders,
Pairs, & Bred Cows.  Horse Sale Following Cattle Sale.                         
Anderson-10 BM Pairs, All shots, Calves Banded                                 
Hinsz-10 Blk Fall Calving Cows, Calving August 20 for 50 Days.                 
      Bred to Blk Wulf Limo Bulls                                              
Oconnel- 16 ponies some broke                                                  
Connely- 1 Bay Guelding Broke                                                  
Plus many more by sale time.                                                   
Thursday, July 2, 2015 - No Sale.  Celebrate our Freedom!                      
Thursday July 9, 2015 Weighups at 10 am Followed by Feeders, Bred Cows & Pairs 
Thursday July 16, 2015 Weighups at 10 am Followed by Feeders, Bred Cows & Pairs
Thursday July 23, 2015 Weighups at 10 am Followed by Feeders, Bred Cows & Pairs
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