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Thursday, May 5, 2016-Weighups 10am Followed by Pair Sale & Cane Creek & Co Hereford Production Sale 1pm.  Also offering several ranch & performance horses.

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Cane Creek-10 Yearling Hereford Bulls
Schumacher- 1 Heifer Bull.  Son of Tiger from Rossow Angus Ranch BW 86 Milk +27 CE +8
Knippling-8 Fancy 2yr Hereford Horned Bulls, Semen Tested & All Vaccinations
Sandquist-1 Head 3yr Hereford Bull, Originates from Carmichael Herefords
Brenner Angus-20 Red & Blk Angus Bulls
Peterson-15 Registered Yearling Hereford Bulls
Geidd-12 Head of 2yr Old Hereford Bulls
Peterson-2 Yearling Hereford Bulls
Behm-3 Yearling Hereford Bulls & 3 Head of 2yr Hereford Bulls
Buechler-3 Head of 2yr Hereford Bulls

 Replacement Heifers
Cane Creek-45 BV Hereford 750-850 lbs. Hfrs PG Open & Breedable
Veurink-30 Hereford BV Hfrs, PG Open & Breedable 800 lbs.
   & 50 Red Angus BV Open & Breedable Hfrs, Preg Guard 10, 775 lbs.
Geidd-30 Hereford BV Hfrs, PG Open & Breedable 750-850 lbs.
Cane Creek-30 Hereford 1st Calf Hfrs-6yr Cows. With Bwf or Hereford Calves at Side A few Registered.
Schumacher-5 Purebred Registered Pairs Calves AI Bred from TC Thunder, & 3 Purebred Registered Pairs Calves out of Son fo Bismarck, & 15 Commercial Heifer Pairs Calves AI Bred from TC Thunder, & 10 Commercial Heifer Pairs Calves out of Son of Bismarck, & 20 Head of 3&4yr Pairs Bred to Son of Tiger from Rossow Angus Ranch
Holzwarth Farms-24 Red Angus 8-10yr Cows with Red Angus Calves @ Side.
Odde-10 Rwf Hfr Pairs with Blk/Bwf Calves at Side
Schafer-7 Blk & Red Angus Hfr Pairs, 2 Longhorn Pairs, & a Nurse Pair

Cane Creek-9 Registered Hereford 1st and 2nd Calvers Bred Hereford to Calf May 15 to June 1
Anderberg-Fancy Palomino Frenchmans Guy Bred 9yr Gelding.  Roped & Dragged Calves to the Fire, Calved On, Started on Barrels & Poles.
Anderberg-Big Bay Gelding.  Ranched on and has competed at jackpots in barrels for 7year old girl.
Magilke-Black Mare.  Ranched on and started on barrels and breakaway.
Magilke-6yr Palomino Gelding.  Ranched on and nice and gentle.
Odde-Gray Gelding.. Ranched on & picked up on.
Dale-8yr old gelding.  Been ranched on, worked at sale barn, and started heading and heeling.
Ward-Black Registered 13 yr Gelding.  Ranched on & very Gentle.

Saturday, May 7, 2016-Horse Sale 12:00 Noon
Harrison-10 yr.  Ranch Gelding & 10yr Silver Ranch Pony.
Locken Joe- 13yr. horse, Broke & Pulls Wagon
Cheyenne River-3yr old Mare, Use in Horsemanship Program, Broke to ride, very gentle horse, Coggins test.
Rausch-5yr Old Gelding
Bieber-9yr Gaited Gelding.  Started on Barrels and Poles.  Kid Broke
Plus many more loose and riding horses.
Thursday, May 12, 2016-Weigh-ups 10am Followed by Feeder Cattle Sale
Dox Inc.-300 Blk, Few Char Strs & Hfrs, SFS, Drug & Hormone Free, 750-900 lbs.
Rau-12 Loads of Blk Angus Strs, NI, 950-1050 lbs.
Dittman-280 Blk Angus Bangs Vacc Hfrs, Home Raised, 750-850 lbs.
Fried-200 Blk Angus Strs, SFS, 900-950 lbs.
    & 50 Blk Angus, Home Raised, Bangs Vacc Replacement Hfrs, 750 lbs.
Beer-80 Blk Angus Fall Calves, 3 Rounds of Shots, NI, Weaned, 450-600 lbs.
Gustafton-65 Red Angus, DF Strs & Hfrs, 400-600 lbs.
Booth-35 Blk Hfrs, Home Raised, BV, All Shots, 675-750 lbs.
Ruhoff-25 Blk Fall Calves, 400-500 lbs.
Mollman-20 Blk Hfrs, Home Raised, Shots, 700-800 lbs.
Locken-30 Blk Home Raised BV Replacement Hfrs, 750 lbs.
Plus many more by sale time.
Thursday, May 19, 2016- Weighups 10am Followed by Pairs, Fall Calving Cows, Bred, & Feeders & All Breeds Bull Sale
Niederman Wes- 30 Blk. Cows calving Aug 1st.  , 20-Blk 3-6yrs cows, 9-Blk 7-9yrs cows, 9-Blk. Short term cows.
Dorsey-20 Blk Angus, 1 Iron First Calf Hfr Pairs, Calves Worked, Gentle & Fancy
Plus many more by sale time.

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